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    Sythetic Rubber Water Hose
    Rubber Lined Water Hose
    TPU Water Hose
    Double jacket Water hose
    PVC Lined Water Hose
    Duraline hose
    Colourful or Coated Water Hose
    EPDM Lining Water Hose
    Hose Couplings
    Reel Hose
    PVC Garden Hose
    PVC Suction Hose
    PVC Braided Hose
    PVC Clear Hose
    PVC Layflat Hose
    PVC High Pressure Hose
    PVC Steel Wire Hose
Duraline Hose
  Both inside lined and outside covered Rubber or PVC.
The middle jacket is made of high strength polyester slik or terylene yarn.
For covered with reinforcing rib, good character of abrasion proof, corrosion resistace, ozone and ultraviolet radiation resistance.
Using any special and complicated environment, especially for oil field and chemical industry.
Length:15m, 20m, 25m, 30m

Type bar Size inch Inner Dia.(mm) Working Pressure(Mpa) Burst Pressure(Mpa)
1" 25 1.0-1.6Mpa 3.0-4.8Mpa
1-1/4" 32
1-1/2" 38
2" 50
2-1/2" 65
3" 80
4" 100
1" 25 2.0Mpa 6.0Mpa
1-1/2" 32
2" 38

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